Monday, May 3, 2010

yes, yes, hello...introduction...

Hello from the ‘Tinder Box at Road’s End’ .
I will attempt to introduce myself
in a manner that is not altogether vainglorious.

I have been collecting wonderful must-haves
(any one who does the same can relate)
since I can remember. Once they lose their luster
(or is it the fancier 'lustre'?) ,
I stash them in the Cave under the Tinder Box
for another time.

Once in a while, I go to the Cave to find
an object, not sure just what I’m looking for
and then up
from the depths pops something that says
‘Pick Me!!! I’ve got a useful purpose.’

The ‘Others’ lay on shelves
or in boxes
in all manner of disarray,
like window puppies,
hoping their turn will
come soon.

Recently, upon perusing the wall-to-wall items in the Cave-
(and thinking if I showed someone like Dr. Phil photos of said Cave, he’d plan a whole season around me)-
I’ve had a sort of epiphany-
if you can call it that.

I’ve decided to actually go through my treasures,
perform some wondrous artistic feat,
and share them with everyone in Blogland 
and maybe even at some point

This will not be easy for the likes of ‘magpie me’.
Once I find a find…
I store it for future use.

Maybe for tomorrow,
maybe for a decade from now.

I could spend days naming the numerous
items lodging in the Cave as there are many
wonders to behold down there below ground.
Priceless gems they are!

Once I begin unearthing
those valuable artifacts
and transforming them into
some new tidbit,
I will also gain the benefit of clearing out the Cave
and making room for new,
irresistible treasures.

That is my plan and my idea,
to unstash the Cave-stash,
make some new thing for this house
and hopefully some items to share
with friends along the way.

Millie would be so very proud of me!

Addendum: Will add photos very, very soon.
House in state of decorative
uproar as smallish-sized room formerly known as
'pantry-turned-emergency housing'
for a 2-year stint, has now been returned to me 
for my own personal use. I have
spent the last few days tearing up vinyl and scraping
the floor-aargh!!! But, I am
delighted to tell you that 'my room' is now painted
with two coats and
will now receive her new floor. But that is for
another post-with photos! RP

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